Achieving Commitment

President Ronald Regan said, the nine most terrifying words in the English Language are, “I’m from the Government, and I am here to help”

We think there is one single word that people find to be scarier, and that word is ‘commitment’.

Part of the reason commitment scares us, is we are afraid if we give our word to do something, and then don’t follow through, for whatever reason, there must be something wrong with us. That’s not true, but it is how many of us think and feel and so we tend to avoid committing.

We’d like to give you a whole new perspective on the word commit. If you trace the word ‘commit’ back to its origin, it originates in the Latin word” committere which, loosely translated means, ‘to go forth together’. And that - Mom, Dad, Mentor and Teen - is what it will take to resolve this vaping issue.

You need to be a Family Team!


When parents and teens work together, anything can be achieved! Think of yourselves as a team where each player relies on the other to achieve a common goal. Individual problems are set aside to focus on the team’s objectives.

In this case, the teams, goal is to Crush Vaping. The really good news is that the addiction to vaping and nicotine can be overcome, with the help of your team, easily and painlessly, in a matter of a few weeks.

(In fact, if anybody else in you household smokes or vapes, now would be a good time to invite them onto your team. Smokenders and Vapenders can handle the nicotine addiction for everybody!)

The first step in creating a Family Team involves open and honest communication. The CDC offers a handy document to assist in this regard. If you haven’t already done so Click on the link below to get it.
"Talk with Teens about e-cigarettes

This should prove helpful as a focal point for discussing the issues.

Before moving forward, everybody needs to agree to a no-blame conversation. This is an opportunity to discuss your family relationship and to discover how this team effort will work wonders to restore any problems that have hurt the relationship in the past. Sure, Crushing Vaping is really important in the short term, but your family relationship is critical to every family member’s happiness for the long term!


Your child has a nicotine addiction problem that is really big for them and they will need your caring assistance to overcome it gracefully.

How you handle the fact that your son or daughter got caught up (probably through peer pressure) in the vaping epidemic, is very important.

Your teen needs your serious assistance now, to overcome what may be the biggest challenge they’ve had in their life to date – the addiction to nicotine.

Once a person has consumed nicotine more than a few times, they become addicted! They have to have nicotine, or they become physical uncomfortable. (You will learn more about nicotine addiction in a later discussion of the “Discomfort Theory” in the “How it Works” pages.)

You need to be considerate with them. How they secretly got enough money to buy the “Vape juice” (nicotine laced fluid “pods” that supply the nicotine to the electronic vaping device) in not the issue. They are trapped in a cycle of having-to-have nicotine, or otherwise, they feel physically ill. They will go to great lengths to get that “fix” of nicotine to relieve their discomfort.

Over 50 years in dealing with nicotine, our Rule of Thumb is” “Nobody has ever quit just because somebody else wants them to quit”. The nicotine in vapes is no different than that in cigarettes and the same rule applies.

Therefore, attempting to apply punishment or demands that your son or daughter simply “Quit” might last for a day or two, but you can be sure that they will be back vaping in short order – perhaps deeper in secret than ever.

We encourage you to take a positive attitude and work to Crush Vaping as a family “Team”. Not only will it solve the nicotine problem, but we expect it to heal some emotional wounds and provide for better family communications.

Be sure to download and to read the e-book, by Don Seibert, entitled

"Instruction Manul for Parents Dealing with Vaping"


 Your parents have a Big Problem that they have not dealt with before and are struggling to solve. They need your help!

They probably don’t understand or have forgotten about peer pressure and how big an impact it can have in your teen years. Peer pressure is likely why you started vaping and may be part of the reason you continue. 

Of course, you probably began vaping in secret and now your parents feel somewhat deceived by you doing such a thing. Sometimes parents act pretty negatively about such things, as parents tend to do. That’s really their job, you know.

To assist in calming down this “storm”, perhaps if you downloaded, printed out and gave them the e-book entitled
"Instruction Manual for Parents Dealing with Vaping"
It might help to ward off some of their upset and make your situation easier to live with.

You may not think that you are addicted to nicotine. However, if you have been vaping, in any quantity or regularity, for more than a week or so, you probably are technically “addicted”. That is not fatal or a fate worse than death, but merely a “speedbump in your life” that you can get over!

The very good news is that vaping CAN BE OVERCOME, and the nicotine addiction resolved, easily and painlessly, in just a matter of a few weeks. But it will take a commitment on your part, and your teams’ part, to make it a reality.

Your parents are likely very concerned about things that you don’t even think about, like the state of your health right now, and in the future. Many studies suggest that Nicotine is what is called a “gateway addiction”, meaning, later on, it can lead to some pretty awful problems from other addictions.
These are the kind of things that worry parents, they have the responsibility to care about the well-being of their sons & daughters. Consider it a good thing that they are worrying about you right now. There are many thousands of teens out there who have nobody to be caring about them or their future!

Celebrate this and look to your family for support and assistance in overcoming the addiction as soon as possible. We tell nicotine addicts that “Quitting will never be easier than it is today!” The sooner you address the problem, the easier it will be for you.

It’s really up to you. Nobody can make you quit, no matter how hard they try. If you are interested in Crushing Vaping, please read the little document put out by the Centers for Disease Control, entitled 
"Teen Talk about e-cigarettes"
This could be very helpful in deflecting some of the emotions of the moment.

Ready for Action?

There will never be a time when it is easier to quit than today!
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