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The Rule: "Nobody has ever quit just because somebody else wanted them to quit!" It's a personal decision that your teen must make.


Many parents are shocked to learn that their teenage son or daughter has been secretly using e-cigarettes or JUULs™ or vaping devices, for a while. 

This should not come as a surprise since teenage vaping has been declared by the Surgeon General as having reached epidemic proportions in the United States. 

Sadly, you are among lots of parents who have become indirectly involved in the epidemic.

The brain of a young person does not fully develop until about age 25.  Prior to that, nicotine has been shown to cause problems with the development.

It seems that the big tobacco companies can’t sell as many of their cigarettes any more so they are shifting their focus to producing Vaporizer liquids (“juices”), which are essentially nicotine in another form, and insidiously concentrating on minors, where there has been little organized market resistance.
Legal Issues Regarding Sales to Minors


 We have taught more than a million cigarette smokers how to overcome nicotine over the past 50 years with our Smokenders product.

We can tell you The Rule: “Nobody has ever quit  just because someone else wants them to quit”

Since Vape users have the same kind of  nicotine addiction as cigarette smokers, the same Rule applies to both. The powerful chemistry of addiction is working against you if you attempt to demand a person to quit.

If you attempt to get your vaping teen to quit just by forbidding it, you are likely to experience difficulty in the face of nicotine addiction and, at the same time, drive your teen further into secrecy with their vaping. You will need to face the reality of addiction and it must be treated as that if you are to help your teen to overcome it.

The really good news is that the addiction to nicotine can be overcome easily and painlessly – without patches or drugs – by employing the structured, step-by-step approach of Vapenders.


The key factor to making this happen, though, lies in gaining a a firm commitment to quitting from your teenage son or daughter. Without such a commitment, the chances of successfully quitting are negligible.

Any attempt to “enforce" quitting by using authority, bribing, withholding of allowances or privileges is likely to meet with failure, and, in the process, your relationship with your child could be further damaged. That relationship has likely already been hurt by the deceit of vaping in private and you must be careful not to risk further damage.

Vapenders promotes a more positive and rewarding approach to support the commitment to quit. The program is sold for $250 and, if your teen leaves the program in the first 3 weeks, you will get a $200 refund, without question. However, when your teen successfully completes the 5 week course and “Crushes Vaping”, they will receive a check from us for $100 in their name. This $100 reward is designed to provide the vape user with some “skin in the game” incentive to quit! (We have found that the free smoking cessation programs have very high failure rates because the addicted person had no positive incentive to stick with the program.)

Please download and read  
Instruction Manual for Parents Dealing with Vaping
 by Don Seibert who has been fighting nicotine addiction for 38 years, as an addict and owner of Smokenders. 

Also, the Centers for Disease Control have produced a handy document to facilitate Parent-Teen discussion.  You can get your here, by clicking below:
"Talk to Teens about e-cigarettes".

Ready for Action?

There will never be a time when it is easier to quit than today!
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