For Teens

Rule #1:  "Nobody has ever quit just because somebody else wants them to quit!"
Congratulations! You are about to discover an approach to easily quitting vapes that your parents are going to pay you to do. Yep! That’s right. They are going to pay you cash money to stop vaping! Of course, Rule #1 applies here. You are going to have to want to do it for you, and not just for them and the big bucks. More about that later, but right now, don’t run off and ask them, “How much are you going to pay me?”. You know how they are about money. Let us break it to them gently. They are still wrestling with, “Why did you start in the first place and what can we do about it?”


Parents often react to learning that their son or daughter are vaping (as they inevitably will) in a pretty negative way. 

Although you may not have given any thought to how they would feel; disappointment, betrayal of trust and upset are common and usually result in various kinds of punishment.

 You may have been grounded, or certain privileges withheld, including your weekly allowance. Bummer!


So now what? Well the first thing is, you have got to get into a dialogue with your parents that goes beyond punishment is the answer. That’s not always easy to bring about. Seems like they can get fixated on the, you are bad and wrong approach, but it is doable. 

You just have to make a very bold and mature move to ask you parents to calmly discuss the situation with you.

We invite parents ( and of course, you also) to read the little e-book entitled
"Instruction Manual for Parents Dealing with Vaping"

by Don Seibert. (If they haven’t read it, perhaps if you download it, print it out and give it to them, it would help .) 

This book helps parents and teens who vape to find some common ground to have a positive discussion about resolving the nicotine problem.


While vape devices and juices are relatively new to the scene, we have been dealing with nicotine addiction for nearly 50 years. We know, for certain, that Nobody has ever quit just because somebody else wanted them to quit.” This rule applies to vaping as well as smoking since they have the addiction to nicotine in common. 

We know that, regardless of the pressure applied to get you to quit, it will be not work unless you decide to do so.   Addictions are like that and many people (Perhaps even your parents), just haven’t experienced that until now.
Turns out you have the power of the U.S. Government on your side. Below you will find a link to a little downloadable pamphlet from the Surgeon General that will coach your parents in the right way to have a conversation with you about vaping. 

Download a copy by clicking on the link below. Ask them to read it and set a time and a place to talk.

Ready for Action?

There will never be a time when it is easier to quit than today!
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