Frequently Asked Questions

What if I quit vaping with the program and then I give in to temptation and start to vape all over again?  What happens then?
If you re-start your vaping after you have crushed it the first time, a couple of things are going to happen:  First, you will owe your parents the $100 reward that you received when you quit and then you can start the program all over again, from the start - free of charge.
What if I have an emergency arise, like illness or something important like that, and I am unable to continue the program.  Can I resume where I left off or do I have to begin again?
We understand that certain things can come up which may cause you to miss a weekly session.  Discuss this with your parents first, but then you can begin the program over again from the start.  Just notify us at support@vapenders.com and we will reset your daily email/text sequence.
I understand that the Pilot Test is going on right now.  When can I expect the program to be available to the General Public?
After our Pilot Test group has concluded the program and the test group surveyed, we will be making modifications to the program.  We are unable to predict, at this time, how long this will take, but we will make every effort to make it generally available as soon as possible.
If it only takes 72 hours for nicotine to be gone from the body, why does the program take 5 weeks!
While the nicotine certainly is gone after just 72 hours, that is not so for the conditioned responses (habits) and also the linkages to food, beverages, stressful situations and events.  The program is timed to teach you how to deal with these issues so that your Crushing is totally complete.
If I use your program to quit vaping, won't I be tempted to return to doing it when I'm around my friends who vape?
That is certainly a big issue and one that is handled within the Vapenders program.   You must know how to deal with this and many other issues, particularly stress related ones, before you Crush Vaping!   We specialize in those issues.
My parents are not cutting me any slack and want me to stop vaping first and then take the Vapenders program.  What should I do?
It sounds like your parents really do care and want you to not vape any more, but their priorities and timing are not correct.  If you don't learn how to deal with all of the issues surrounding vaping (much more than just nicotine), you will probably not be successful a really Crushing your Vaping.  We will teach you how to deal with all of this before asking you to quit, in just 29 days!

Have a question that's not answered here?  Just send it to support@vapenders.com and we'll happily get you an answer, right away!

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There will never be a time when it is easier to quit than today!
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