The Habit

Just as Pavlov's dogs were trained to salivate at the sound of a bell,  vapers unconsciously train themselves to desire a puff of nicotine at certain times and in response to certain events. Psychologists call this a conditioned response and it's a critical part of quitting  that cannot be ignored, if you are to be successful and comfortable as a non-vape user.
The longer you have been vaping,  the more deeply entrenched those little habits will be. There are many such habits that are obvious, for example the end of a meal, with friends who vape, and there are many such habits that are not so obvious.

Psychologists tell us that it takes 4-6 weeks to effectively break a rooted habit. Resolving these issues before you quit is part of the Vapenders step-by-step, five week approach and is why we insist you continue to vape, as normal, for the first four weeks, while we guide you to a calm and comfortable solution to the vaping habit.

Our weekly video lessons, daily Action Steps and email/text reminders assist you in breaking those old habits and establishing new healthy habits instead. This approach has been proven to be very effective
" As a professional who has spent his life studying and treating addictions, I remain impressed by the soundness and ingenuity of the principles on which this program is based."
Herbert D. Kieber, M.D
Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University
Director, Div of Substance Abuse, Columbia University

Smokenders Graduate 

Ready for Action?

There will never be a time when it is easier to quit than today!
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