Linkages & Triggers

While not directly related to the physical addiction to nicotine, the linkages to food, caffeine and alcohol plus, the triggers of emotions and events, cause the desire for nicotine hit. These linkages and triggers must be resolved before you quit!

Here are Some of the Major Triggers & Linkages


Almost every vaper experiences the desire to vape soon after eating a meal or a snack. You know that "empty" feeling that remains and that seems like only a nicotine hit can relieve.

When you attempt to quit without taking linkages like this into consideration, you are doomed!


Stress is an ever increasing part of our hustle-bustle life in these 24/7 times. Of course, most vapers have come to connect the stress in their lives to the need for a nicotine hit to relieve their stress.  Problem is,  nicotine is not a tranquilizer; it's actually a stimulant to the brain.  And many vapers are physically stimulating their bodies with vaping twenty or thirty times a day causing their stress to rise to dangerous levels.

There are much better ways to handle stress!


Whether it's that morning cup of coffee or a soft drink or a sports drink later in the day, it probably will be accompanied by, or followed by, another draw on the vape device! They just seem to "go together"!

We will show you how to break this linkage quite easily!


Situations in our everyday life, both good and bad, often cause us to become anxious. This happens to everybody, vapes, smokers and non-smokers alike. When these anxiety provoking situations arise, it is normal for vapers to reach for their vaping device as a solution to anxiety.

There are better and healthier ways to handle anxiety than by vaping. We will teach you many!


You can study with a friend, or go to a sporting event with a bunch of friends, for a vaper, while with peers, it just seems that vaping is a natural habit. Many vapers even believe, if they quit vaping, they will not fit anymore among their vaping friends.

Not true!  People who like you or want to be around you because you are vaping, are not your true and lasting friends!


Our lives are made up of various events, some of which are well planned and others which surprise us. Over time, vape users come to relate certain events as cues to vape.

It could be something as simple as getting in your car or leaving the school building where you go to school, or before entering a place where you know you will not be permitted to openly vape.

It could be a more negative event like a missed assignment or a disagreement with your parents or siblings. You will need to understand these triggers and know how to address them before you quit!

There are many such issues that are part of the complexity of the vaping habit. Since none of these are related to nicotine, quitting all of a sudden will not eliminate or resolve these issues.    But, with Vapenders, it's easy and your success is assured!

Ready for Action?

There will never be a time when it is easier to quit than today!
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