Is Vaping Scamming Your Future?

Benjamin Franklin is best remembered, by some, for running around outside like a crazy person, in a thunderstorm, with a kite with a key attached to prove the connection between lightning and electricity. Which he did.
But there was a lot more to old Ben than that. He was a true renaissance man and one of his favorite techniques, when faced with a difficult decision, was to use a "Balance Sheet" to summarize the reasons FOR something and the reasons AGAINST it. Then, he could easily look at the "Balance Sheet" to quickly arrive at a decision, one way or another, about the best way to move forward.
Reasons FOR Teen Vaping
"My friends vape"
"Vaping is considered "Cool"
"I like the taste of the vapors"
"Vaping helps me relax"
"Vaping is what I choose to do"
"It makes me feel in control"
Reasons AGAINST Teen Vaping
Vaping is harmful to my health.
Vaping costs a lot of money.
I don't have the money to support vaping at this point.
My family doesn't support my vaping.
Vaping will affects my health over along period of time.
The Long Term Financial Impact of vaping is huge.
Vaping can lead to "Dual Use “ with other harmful habits
I am addicted to nicotine and have to "feed the habit"
I’m ingesting lots of chemicals, especially Cancer causing ones
My brain is not yet fully developed - vaping is harmful
I am not permitted by law to buy vape juices
I break the law with every purchase!
Vapers develop "Conditioned Responses" (AKA Habits)
Vaper cannot participate in NCAA sports
Vaping is considered a "Gateway Addiction"
Vaping often leads to Co-Addictions to Alcohol and Drugs
Many of my current friends who vape will not be in my circle of friends in 5 years
My family, who doesn't want you to vape, is with me, ALWAYS !

Add your personal reasons to both sides of the list and then draw your own conclusions!

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